“Dan Martin is by far one of the premier builders in this area. He cares about every facet of the project and his ideas on custom home building are unique and fun. If you want to enjoy your home building experience, receive the quality and attention to detail you expect, than you could not make a better choice in builders”
-J. & K. Morgan

“Thank you and your team for a job well done. Our house came out better than expected. We are very pleased with the results. Your team of contractors were great to work with – professional and took pride in their workmanship. Thank you for helping us create our dream house. We wish you and your team at Shanner Luxury Homes every success for the future.”

"This was a major contrast to my previous building experiences. The end result is a house I truly love; well built, and without compromise. Perhaps the most amazing outcome is that after building two houses, I consider Dan a trusted friend.”
-B. Terzian

“We are truly thankful to Dan Martin for making our dream a reality. The quality and creativity of the team that built our home is unmatched. The craftsmen, as well as their skills and attitude made this a truly enjoyable experience. It’s to their credit that we not only have the home we
wanted, we also have a very high quality investment.”
-J. & S. Vargas

"We were always warned that having a house built, especially a custom house, was a tough project to take on. Our experience was that with the right builder the experience and the outcome can be what it should be - incredible. When we first started out we knew we wanted to design our own home but did not know exactly what we wanted. What surprised us was how many "custom" builders only offered a few "custom" designs which were the cookie cutter base patterns that they had chosen that then had a variety of options to make them "custom" or "unique". With Dan Martin our house was our house, and with the expert input of Dan and his staff our final product became better and more cohesive than anything we ever could have done by ourselves or with another builder. The time frames Dan gave us were accurate and when any step was delayed he made the necessary efforts to get them back on track. He was flexible with decisions made along the way, the hardest part was making decisions on all the choices he gave us. His staff, especially his design/draftsman and the interior designer were particularly helpful. With the hundreds of little and big decisions and choices they helped us with along the way there are only a very few small ones that we would have done differently today. Dan was also very good about following up on and taking care of any problem that came up over the years after building the house. I would recommend him without reservation to any friend who wanted the opportunity to enjoy building their own house and enjoy that home for years to come."
-Gregory and Brenda Soghikian